Time : 2016-09-14Aune new products 2016

  AO Lai Er Technology Co.,LTD is a company which has been designing and manufacturing high quality specialty electronics and loudspeakers for over 10 Years. We have three sub brand: AUNE, Titans and Meditaudio. AUNE offers high cost effective desktop and portable products with superb sound performance, while the Titans and Meditaudio has a major commitment to produce the most accurate and reliable audio products available. We maintain an extensive research and development division which is constantly looking for ways to improve the performance, value, and reliability of our products.
  All aune new products will be shown at the RMAF2016 this year on 7th ,October to 9th ,October .
  2016 New products :
  S6 32Bit/384K DSD 128 DAC/Headphone amplifier
  S6 is the latest product of aune S series with decoding and headphone amplifier function , it adopts the simple and smooth shape design and the flagship chip of AKM:AK4495 ,built-in powerful balanced headphone amplifier , with USB /COAX /OPT/AES digital input ,with XLR/RCA output and support volume control /direct output mode .
  S7 Balanced headphone amplifier
  S7 is the latest full balanced headphone amplifier of aune Sseries , it adopts full balanced circuit design and simple and smooth shape design . It had two gain controls , two balanced output sockets and a 6.5 headphone output socket ,four groups of customized super low distortion and powerful driving module , it is a high-end headphone amplifier .
  M1S 32BIT/DSD Music player
  As the second generation product of the popular aune M1 , M1s adopts simple and small shape design ,using asynchronous clock technology and the latest F7 pure hardware solution framework.It is the first time to use the synchronization ES9018K2M ,it is a high-end mini Hi-Fi player with balanced output .
  E1 Dynamic earphone
  E1 is the first earphone of aune , it adopts beryllium diaphragm cell , with mellow beautiful voice characteristics and real restore to music scene .