Hello 2019


What has aune done in 2018?

· Developed the latest player platform: freescale M7; accomplished the new gen FPGA’s matching; achieved 32bit/384k and DSD128 via Coaxial DoP output.

· The new CPU platform based on Linux has begun the joint debugging with the aune app.

· Achieved 32bit/768k DSD512 USB decoding. The product can be a DAC for iOS/Android/SONY players; the future USB products will be upgraded.

· Started to design the first portable Bluetooth DAC product.

· The 3rd gen FPGA has been developed, and will be used for desktop and portable DAC products. For example, it can achieve transmitting 32bit/384k and DSD128 signals via coaxial.

· Improved all kinds of details. For example, the packaging has been upgraded.

· Basically finished the first product of aune that uses jitter rejection module, which will be released in the first half year of 2019. 

About the future

Portability / intellectualization / youth orientedness / technology / high quality is the trend of HiFi products. aune is striving towards it.

We are striving to establish our own design style

Classic’s Stable Continuation

The X1 series has entered the 11th year, the X5 series 6th year, and the S6 and S7 are about to upgrade too. We put our heart in every product and try to make it a classic, and thus continue the product line steadily.  

In 2019, new products with power and style will come out.

Here are the first three:

· X5s 6th Anniversary Edition Multi-Function Digital Music Player

· X8 Magic DAC

· S6 Pro DAC/Headphone Amplifier with Balanced Outputs

There's a lot more to come. Stay tuned.